Turning Insights into Action

Introducing Subscriber Export

We’re bringing things full circle and taking insights to the next level. The Wicket Scorecard makes it simple for users to easily export subscribers for use in marketing systems to be utilized in highly contextual campaigns. Read our latest post to see how this functionality enables teams to become action-oriented with their data.

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Increase Audience Lifetime Value

Solidify your relationships with customers with insights from our Wickets.

Reduce Subscription Churn

Target high-churn products, devices, and sales channels as well as analyze viewing behavior.

Drive Content Engagement

Optimize content promotion, identify fans & bingers, improve your licensing strategy.

Turn Insights into Action

Action-oriented exports can be filtered for better targeting & uploaded to popular marketing & CRM platforms.

Understand and Combat Video Subscription Churn

Download our whitepaper to learn about video subscription churn and what you can do to combat it.
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Enhance HubSpot Campaigns with the Wicket Scorecard

The Wicket Scorecard has a direct integration with HubSpot to send your subscriber exports directly into their CRM platform to create an endless number of campaigns and achieve the results you desire.

Download our latest whitepaper, Employing an Audience Insights Platform, to understand why to compete in a dynamic market, Media & Entertainment companies will need to begin paying attention to this new software category.

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